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Dead PEOPLE Magazine Oct Issue

A series of creepy themed digital illustration created for the month of October. Here's a few select images from the 13 pages and spreads made. See them all on my instagram.

The Addams Family Abhorrently Aghast with Adored Accolades!

they're creepy, they're kooky, and they are just all together ooky! 


they've made the ever so exclusive cover of dead People Magazine, and don't they just look dreadful! they're spilling all their secrets on their lives, their home, and how you to can live a horrifying lifestyle. so get a witch's shawl on and a broomstick you can crawl on because we're going to pay a call on the Addams Family!

Addams Family

Mombi's Manipulative and Mortifying Metaphysical Magic!

hankering for a visit to the Land of Oz but don't want to be bogged down by all that mamby-pamby Dorothy crap? then visit with Princess Mombi and her Hall of Heads or perhaps the Nome King and his various rooms ornaments that are most certainly not citizens of oz in suspended animation. 


you'll have a great time, unless you have a pretty head. So just find your way to Oz! There's really no place like it!


a Putrid Perverted Pandering Parasitic Poltergeist!

you received your Handbook for the Recently Deceased but I'll tell you right now, it's not gonna help you when you really need it. you're confused, the living are bothersome, and you just want to meet a handsome demon. what you need is the bio-exorcist expert, Betelguese! 


he's had several clients that rave about his work. they say things like "He wouldn't leave." and "He will definitely offend you in every possible way conceivable."  


convinced? then call him today! just say his name three times and he'll appear whether you really wanted him to or not!


the Beautifully Bizarre yet Bothersome Butchering Bride!

are you losing your head over wedding planning? thinking of taking a hatchet to all those plans?


well worry not because Constance Hatchaway is here to help you hammer out all the details for your current and future weddings. she's planned at least five wedding, that we know of, so you might want to take her advice to heart.


Delicate and Dapper Determined Daring Detectives Daphne and Dr. Dinkley

life in this current year of 1908 can be difficult. specters are plaguing the abandoned gazebo in town, ghosts have been seen roaming around the abandoned old mansions on abandoned mansion row, and spirits are frequenting the abandoned town hall. we need help! 


fear not! Lady Daphne Blake and Dr. Velma Dinkley are on the case. these Lady Detectives have unmasked more false phantoms than there are abandoned places in Crystal Cove! (And that's more than seems feasibly possible.) 


they have their own transportation so not matter where you are, they can be on the case in minutes! so if you expect Old Man Whetherby is pretending to be a ghost or you've lost something and are pretty sure Old Man Whetherby stole it, then you need Blake and Dinkley, Lady Detectives!


Worthless Wretched Withering Wicked Witches Working that are the Worst

finally! the secrets of youth revealed! our resident beauty experts, the Sanderson Sisters, have just the spell to reduce wrinkles, expel spots of aging, and de-age you by decades!


they can guarantee that these tricks are not just some hocus pocus but will get you the results you want and need! just follow their spell and you too could get their look!


Vain Vampires Vacationing in Very Vague Voids

vant to get away? tired of your regular vaca spots? then visit Transylvania Beach! it's a vampires dream!


it has lots to offer like purple sandpaper beaches, dark foggy nights, and all the blood you can drink. couples, families, and singles are all velcome. it doesn't matter what year you vere bitten, just that you vere!


so ditch those boring bogs and creepy crypts, and vacation in Transylvania Beach!